The Canadian Technology Awards


Extreme Startups, GOOGLE and reBOOT Canada are proud to present the inaugural Canadian Technology Awards.

Our ambitious goal is to bring the top 100 Technology Leaders together under one roof to exchange XXXL-sized ideas that will be the rocket fuel for Canadian innovation and global technological preeminence.


Exploring the MADE IN CANADA pitch, demo-ing 10 emerging techs that will
blow your hair back and eating the night away with fellow intrepid
thought-engineers and pioneers of the infinite.


Wednesday, March 26th 2014 - 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
4:00 pm - Media Hour (press passes only)
5:00 pm - TecHnOLo91c4L Courtyard Reception
6:00 pm - Dinner, Speakers, Panel Q&A
9:30 pm - Awards Presentation


The Distillery District, Toronto. Archeo. 31 Trinity St, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4



Limited supply of tickets at $75 which includes event, talks, reception, 3 course dinner
& complimentary wine. Attire is business casual. Click for

Sorry. This event is now sold out.

Broadcast Live

CISCO JABBER telepresence and GOOGLE+ will be streaming live here.


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The Canadian Technology Awards is three things. An event. A network of ideas. A network of people.

So if you get the sense that this is a "networking event" your intuition would be correct on multiple levels. Our speakers are therefore network engineers in the truest sense of the term, making Canada a more fluid place to exist, invent and flourish. We are very excited to hear the big ideas that they have in store for us.


A series of talks each 10 mins in length will be spaced out between the 3 courses of dinner. Afterwards we will have a Q & A period with our panel of speakers. Questions as difficult, off-topic and perplexing as you can muster are encouraged.

New Gravity

Reality is a collective hallucination and these brilliant speakers will be nudging our perception ever closer to a more Canadian centre of gravity.

Opening Keynote Address


The three stages of a thriving, domestic technology sector are,

(1) Education: early learning, new skills training and ubiquitous access to computing.
(2) Entrepreneurship: startups, incubators, maker-labs, hacker co-ops, dev boot camps and growing our domestic R&D spend.
(3) Recognizing Leadership.

Our 2013 Canadian Technology Awards accomplishes this third stage by honouring the outstanding work of Canadians in the fields of science, technology and the media. On March 26th 2014 there will be three awards presented,

(1) Honourary Lifetime Achievement Award: presented by John H Tory.
(2) Honourary Science & Community Award: presented by Olivia Chow.
(3) Can Tech Leader 2014: chosen by a panel of 60 distinguished judges and presented by Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto.


The voting process is anonymous and electronic with 1 vote per judge. The quality under judgement is,

“Choose the individual who has made the most meaningful contributions over the course of their career in developing Canada’s media, science and technology ecosystem.”




· Jay Ingram - Science writer & broadcaster

· Mark Kingwell - PhD, DFA, Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto

· Steve Dixon - Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook Canada

· Sabrina Geremia - Managing Director, Google Canada

· Brad J. Lamb - CEO of Lamb Development Corp & Brad J. Lamb Realty Inc.

· Rob Ford - Mayor of Toronto

· John H Tory - Business & Community Leader, running for Mayor of Toronto

· Olivia Chow - Former MP for Trinity-Spadina, running for Mayor of Toronto

· Jessica Mulroney - Kleinfeld Hudson's Bay

· Satish Kanwar - Director of Operations at Shopify

· Ashleigh Dempster - Founder, AKID BRAND & Co-Founder, The Society Global

· John A Tory - President & CEO, Private Air Inc

· John P Mulvihill - Portfolio Manager, Strathbridge, Mulvihill Capital

· Marc Saltzman - Technology Evangelist, author, speaker & TV Personality

· Ari Lantos - VP Production, Serendipity Point Films

· Thomas Reed - COM DEV International Limited

· Drew Lindsay - Founder, GuruLink Inc.

· Amanda Alvaro - Managing Director, Narrative

· Lindsay Mattick - VP Strategy, Narrative

· Stephen McDonald - IBM Extreme Blue, Europe

· Chris Mitchele - GM at ITC Systems

· Adrian Belina - Partner & Creative Director, Jam3

· Courtney Shea - Freelance journalist Toronto Life, Globe & Mail, CDN Business

· Shinan Govani - Author and Social Columnist

· Matte Babel - Host, ET Canada, Fuse

· Andrew Coyne - Columnist, Postmedia

· Marcus Daniels - Extreme Startups

· Charles Carver - Senior Financial Consultant at MD Physician Services

· Sarah Stern - Deputy Director, Development at Right To Play

· Aldo Cundari - Chairman CEO, at Cundari

· Kerry Morrison - CEO, Endloop Mobile

· Sandy Gibson - CEO, Elevate Inc.

· Andrew D'Souza - President & CEO at Bionym

· Mark Jeftovic - CEO & President at easyDNS Technologies Inc.

· Jay Parmar - CEO, Picatic

· Leslie Roberts - Exec Editor/News Anchor, Global News Toronto

· Sergio Rattner - CEO at iPorta Corp

· Jordan Blain - CIBC World Markets

· Sachin Aggarwal - President, Patient Order Sets

· Erez Zevulunov - President, MIT Consulting

· Dan Baum - Managing Partner, Russell Square Partners

· Ira Goldstein - VP Business Development, The Herjavec Group

· Wojtek Baraniak - Lawyer, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin

· Juan Gutierrez - President, Green Pack

· Troy Reeb - Senior Vice-President, Global News

· Kyle Kofsky - Cultural Curator

· Alkarim Nasser - Partner, BNOTIONS

· Sami Guirguis - Telus Canada, Honeynet Project

· Lee Brotherson - Security Specialist, The Dominion

· Tom Newton - Director of Social Gaming, Gamesys Group

· Michael O'Farrell - Founder, The Mobile Institute

· Candice Chan - Creative Director, CANDICE&ALISON Events Group

· Morad Reid Affifi - Principal, Portland Stewart

· Alistair Leyland - Executive Producer, Array of Stars

· Cole Sullivan - Creative Director, Array of Stars

· Morgan Grant Chapman - Senior Sales Executive, AdParlor

· Jesse Rodgers - Director, Creative Destruction Lab

· Tyler Abbey - Founding Partner & Engineer, 3Dphacktory

· Harry Littler - Founder, Royal Berkshire Payments

Judging Portal

The 2014 Judging Portal is now open...


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Limited supply of tickets at $75 which includes event, talks, reception, 3 course dinner & complimentary wine. Attire is business casual. Click for

Sorry. This event is now sold out.

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Broadcast Live

Using CISCO JABBER telepresence and GOOGLE+ we will be streaming live here.


General inquiries: & for press